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Welcome to Sired Society!

Welcome to Sired Society Entertainment Group where your dreams are our dreams. We believe by providing opportunities and helping our clients become successful in their goals and aspirations we help a whole society. We believe success has no respect of person but for those who are willing to believe in themselves, know what they want, and learn what it takes to get it.

Sired Society Entertainment Gp

Founded in 2015 Sired Society Entertainment Group, S.S.E.G, is an Arts of Entertainment business development, Brand, and Connection Consultant firm with the knowledge of a major recording label, distribution house, talent agency, entertainment law and management firm that is imploded with an educational eCommerce model designed to meet the needs and level of any aspiring entertainer. Developed from chasing a dream of becoming successful in the entertainment business as an artist the hands on experience gave an inside look on what is missing and the desire to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. From starting as a musical artist to managing artist Sired Society was birth from the desire to open doors and provide opportunities no one seem to be able obtain without actually knowing someone who knew someone who liked you enough to turn you on matters the talent you bring to the table. Without knowing being impregnated with Sired Society the quest to build a brand and a name lead to many different avenues and explorations such as opening up a Marketing Firm, Concert development and promotions, artist development, online marketing and promoting, music production, composing and recording would ultimately lead to the birth of something uniquely beautiful and valuable to all who connect with. A journey that began in 2006 would have its ups and its down, triumphs and failures but provide knowledge that will revolutionize how we interact, develop and pursue our creative careers. Statistic clearly show in the entertainment business there is continuous growth only meaning there is no shortage of opportunities for our entertainers. These opportunities are what S.S.E.G. desire to provide for our clients. Since 2002- 2010 U.S. music revenue has increased 16% with royalties’ 32% of that. If there’s not enough of the pie for everyone who wants some how does it keep getting ate? These increases go up the same for gaming, film and books. What we are positioning to do is be the only door our clients need to come through to gain access to these opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of S.S.E.G to provide ongoing opportunities for our clients to pursue on their quest to become successful in their choice of craft in the Entertainment Business. While providing these opportunities we aim to educate, develop and provide avenues in which our clients can perfect their craft and creativity in affordable ways. We desire to incorporate individuals who share the same aspirations in the success of themselves, others, and S.S.E.G. through on going education, career development, self-development, positive aggression, optimistic thinking and one dream one team attitude.

Short-term goals expect accomplishment in a short period of time, which add up to accomplishments with Long-term goals in a long period of time of meeting those Short-term goals.

An organizational goal-management solution ensures that individual employee goals and objectives align with the vision and strategic goals of the entire organization.


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