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I am Alexis J

Singer & Song Writer

For me, traveling is a way of living from the very childhood. My father was a pro stuntman and mother a writer. We moved from state to state every two or three month. Now I am a full-time travel blogger and digital artist working for a various digital agencies and travel journals across the US.

A website … well, I need to have a tool that is able to help me to update information quickly on the go. I want to be able to post photos from the temple of Katmandu or write an article on how I spent a night with bootleggers in Tennessee.


An expert in digital media, I will be able to help you to build a sustainable strategy and implement it via visual tools.

From UX and up to UI, you will receive a full service to ensure you are connected to your customers.

Beauty Expert

Make sure to follow my path around the world to see the most awesome destinations. From the snowy hills of Iceland and up to The Gobi desert.

Love to travel? Drop me a message and we can make your trip together.

Listen to Alexis La’Shay poetic songstress creatively share her life truth through music.

An expert of local spots and hidden attractions, Follow Alexis on Instagram.

Learn hairstyling and makeup tips with Alexis La’Shay on YouTube.

"To travel is to live. To build is to support."

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